About the Artist
Quinn Cale. 

Quinn Cale is a contemporary painter who lives and works around Tampa, Florida. A native of Middletown, Delaware, her colorful paintings pay homage to her childhood. Her distinctive personal style emanates nostalgia and joy while expressing the vibrant spirit and atmosphere to the late 1990s and early 2000s.

Arcade Machines, tropical flowers and patterns, musical instruments, and television-head characters are all brought to life with contrasting and harmonious colors and bold compositions. As the artist explains, “I am a story teller and I welcome you to join me on this visual journey.”
Quinn’s exhibitions include those in MOSI: Museum of Science and Industry, in Tampa, FL, which was founded as part of the community impact for innovation in STEAM education.
Her painting “Fire Fist Mario 8-Bit” was recently selected by a panel of judges for viewing during the “First Annual Black Art Gala” at the Straz Center for Performing Arts. Quinn was one of five of the inaugural Remote Studio Artists for Gasparilla Festival of the Arts. She is a proud member of several art based organizations around the Tampa Bay Area.


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